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DJ Lesson

DJ Lesson


DJ Lessons can be a great way of getting a head start in an otherwise daunting skill to learn. Many say, looking at industry leading equipment, is like looking at an aeroplane cockpit. There are hundreds of different buttons and knobs to press, where do you even start? A lesson will be a fast-track to get mixing your favourite tunes.

DJ Lessons can be organised around you. Simply get in touch by either phoning: 07824113554 or using the CONTACT PAGE and we will arrange the perfect time.

DJ Lessons last 1 hour, they can be paid for in bulk and then separated across different days, or you can have multiple hours in one session. Paying for multiple lessons in one will make the price cheaper.

Just Ramps DJ studio is our newest development to the park. It consists of state of the art equipment, perfect for practicing for club sets, recording DJ mixes, trialing out newly created songs, learning how to master DJing, or just to have a lot of fun with your favourite mates.

What equipment does the DJ room have?

1) Surround Sound - Four KRK Rokit 5s

2) Pioneer Decks - Two CDJ-2000s with a DJM-2000 Mixer. (B2B Currently unavailable due to USB port broken in one of the decks).

3) 360 Degree Lighting - Customisable LED's Lights

4) Lasers - Adjustable Laser Lighting

5) Functional Microphone - Microphone Connected For MC's

6) Comfy Sofa - The most important asset, a comfy sofa to chill out on whilst listening to your friends

If you have never been to our skatepark and wish to use any of our facilities, a disclaimer form must be filled out and signed for us to allow you to use our ramps. 

For quickest entry on arrival you can fill out a form and bring it in. 

Please make sure the form applies to your age.

Over 18's Disclaimer Form

Under 16's Disclaimer Form

Forms can also be completed upon arrival if you do not have a printer. 

Thanks for your time and patience.