Return Policy

In order for your return/exchange to be accepted, the items need to show no signs of having been used. In order to prove this, we advise that you retain the original packaging and include it when sending the item(s) back, thus preventing damage and loss of goods when the item is returned.

If the item is faulty, please be sure to email us personally at:

Returns can take up to 2 weeks to be full processed and cleared. PayPal refunds are usually processed within a few hours - we do not offer refunds via bank transfer.

E&OE. We do not cover the cost of sending the item(s) via courier unless authorisation has been given prior to returning.

Please do not put sticky tape or labels directly on to the packaging or the product box. If damage is caused from this you will be responsible and charged for the resulting damage.

If you are sending the item back for an exchange, depending on the availability of the given item, we will send out the exchange item free of charge, if in the UK. Due to the costs involved, if the customer is international we are unable to offer free shipping. Thus meaning, customers will be responsible for shipping and postage costs.

All fitting information is given at our best understanding, due to the scooter scene changing so rapidly, we are unable to guarantee anything. We will advise you as best as we possibly can about parts fitting on one another, however, we cannot be held responsible if a particular part does not work with your chosen set up. With this being said, we will still provide a refund or exchange on the requirements that the given parts are unused and purchased less than 14 days prior to return.

Please note that unused items will be refunded in full except for the postage cost that was originally paid.

Order Cancellation - We reserve the right to cancel and refund any order in situations where we deem necessary.

We highly appreciate your polite cooperation - we do not tolerate abusive speech or email content. We aim to help our customers to our highest ability and we hope we can achieve this.

Only Skatepark In 100-Mile Radius With These Ramps

Unique Foam Pit & Resi Jumps

Foam Pit

If your not familiar with a foam pit here's the break down; a ramp into a huge amount of foam, perfect for practising those new tricks and upside down stunts.

Resi Box

Our Resin box is your final step before taking a new trick to wood, if your not familiar with a resin box then here's the definition; a resin box otherwise known as a 'resi ramp' consists of a wooden take off however the landing is made of foam layers overlaid with a rubber matt, allowing you to ride away. A resin box is considered to be the next step up from a foam pit.

Resi Spine And Quarter

Our resin spine is the same as the resi box, however the only difference is this is for trying tricks over a spine rather than on to a box. This allows riders to try difficult tricks over a ramp which is considerably harder to land stuff over before trying it to wood. Resulting in less injury. The same goes with the resi quarterpipe.

Resi Spine

Spine ramps are known for being more difficult, having a resi spine allows you to gain the confidence on these kinds of ramps to then take it to the wood.