A Community Interest Company

The History of Just Ramps & Our Story

Just Ramps is open 6 days a week, providing sessions for skateboarders, scooters, BMX bikes, inline skaters as well as a DJ room for music enthusiast. Additionally we hold regular events such as Skate jams and all nighters; these events are very popular and have helped massively with the riders who attend Just Ramps, giving them a reason to become the best rider they can. 

At Just Ramps we continue to recognise the numerous social and emotional needs and continually strives to ensure the community spirit within the park support supports their needs. Without Just Ramps there would be a significant number of teenagers with no centre to go to.

Since opening in 2012, we have become a well established indoor skate-park and we will continue to invest in ourselves to make us even better.

New members become part of the skatepark family and are welcomed no matter who they are or where they are from. Everyone is equal at JR. Community members from across ethnicities, ages and genders all ride together as friends. Everybody who has attended Just Ramps knows that we are extremely friendly. The 'mini-rider' session enables children from any age up to 12 to use the ramps, giving them a new hobby to grow into, gain confidence and meet new friends. There are members who have competed in the world championships and Just Ramps are very well known to have a very high standard of local riders. 

Where we came from VS Where we are now
Just Ramps Indoor Skatepark Opening in 2012 Based In Wolverhampton
Just Ramps Hal Pipe From 2013
The Nike Quaker Street Bowl Was Installed Into Just Ramps Indoor Skatepark In 2014.
Just Ramps Indoor Skatepark After Being developed In 2014
2014 & Onwards
Just Ramps Indoor Skatepark Box Section Started Being Built In 2015