The Just Ramps loyalty scheme is our way of giving devoted customers a way of saving money and saving time. 

What are the benefits?

1). You will have priority entry. Due to the new government guidelines, we will only be able to allow a limited amount of people within the skatepark. We will keep a large number of spaces open purely for loyalty members, meaning you won't have to worry about pre-booking in advance. 

2). Your 5th ride at Just Ramps will be completely free. You will be given a loyalty card and once you get 4 stamps, you'll be eligible for a free session. (YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOU DON'T LOSE THIS LOYALTY CARD, SESSIONS CANNOT BE RE-STAMPED IF YOU LOSE IT)

3). The entry price is cheaper, this means that you'll spend less to get in, but also get all the added benefits of being on the loyalty scheme. Click HERE to see the price difference. 

4). Once a month, we will do a private session for all the loyalty members. This will be on a Monday, when we're closed, so it's purely for the loyalty card holders only. 

5). You will get 1x free small Slush Puppy every time you attend the skatepark.