Just Ramps skatepark can provide lessons for scooters and skateboarders.
We have dedicated scooter and skateboard riders who can show you all the basics you need to get going in your chosen sport, or show you more advanced tricks and techniques to improve on. Whatever you're looking for, our instructors at Just Ramps are the best in the business. 


We have two different kinds of lessons:
A). A lesson when the skatepark is closed. This means it will be just you and the instructor on the ramps. This type of lesson will cost £30 per hour. This can be up to 6 people
B). A lesson when the skatepark is open. This means that others will be riding the ramps when you're having your lesson. This type of lesson will cost £15 per hourThis can be up to 2 people.


If you've been referred by one of our riders, please mention their name below and we can get a lesson organised for you. Please also state what you'll be riding and what sort of lesson you want (A or B). 


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