Just Ramps Indoor Skatepark Secures £55,000 Funding to Enhance The Community & Local Riders Experience

Just Ramps Indoor Skatepark Secures £55,000 Funding to Enhance The Community & Local Riders Experience - Just Ramps Skatepark

A Big Change To JR:

In an exciting development for Skateboard, Scooter, BMX & Inline Skates' enthusiasts and the local community in Wolverhampton, Just Ramps Indoor Skatepark has recently received a generous funding injection of £55,000 from Veolia Environmental Trust. This funding has been utilised to construct an impressive new street section, introduce a state-of-the-art foam pit, and add two cutting-edge resin ramps. These additions are set to revolutionise the skatepark experience, providing a thrilling environment for riders of all skill levels and cementing Just Ramps as a thriving hub for the skating community.

Enhancing the Skatepark's Street Section:

The introduction of a new street section at Just Ramps Indoor Skatepark is a significant development that will greatly enhance the skating experience for local riders. Designed to mimic the urban landscape, the street section will feature an array of obstacles such as rails, ledges, and unique ramps. This will provide skaters with endless opportunities to showcase their creativity, practice new tricks, and refine their skills. The inclusion of this dynamic addition will undoubtedly attract more riders to the skatepark and foster a sense of camaraderie among the local skating community.

A Cutting-Edge Foam Pit:

One of the most exciting additions resulting from the funding is the installation of a brand new foam pit. The foam pit is an essential component of any modern skatepark as it allows riders to safely attempt and perfect high-risk maneuvers, such as flips and aerial tricks. This soft landing zone ensures that skaters can push their limits without the fear of injury, ultimately encouraging them to push boundaries and progress their skills. The presence of a foam pit at Just Ramps will undoubtedly attract both aspiring and professional riders, positioning the skatepark as a premier destination for riders seeking to refine their techniques in a safe and supportive environment.

Cutting-Edge Resin Ramps:

The funding will also go towards the construction of two new resin ramps at Just Ramps Indoor Skatepark. These ramps, known for their durability and versatility, will provide riders with thrilling new possibilities. With their smooth surfaces and carefully designed shapes, the resin ramps will allow skaters to achieve higher jumps, execute complex aerial tricks, and experiment with a wide range of maneuvers. By expanding the repertoire of features within the skatepark, Just Ramps is catering to the diverse skill levels and ambitions of its riders. The addition of the resin ramps will not only attract experienced riders seeking new challenges but also provide beginners with ample opportunities to progress their skills in a controlled and supportive environment.


Just Ramps Indoor Skatepark's recent funding success marks a significant milestone in the development of this thriving local community space. The introduction of a new street section, a state-of-the-art foam pit, and two cutting-edge resin ramps will undoubtedly elevate the skatepark experience for both regular riders and newcomers. This investment showcases the commitment of Just Ramps to fostering a vibrant and inclusive skating community, where individuals of all skill levels can come together, push their limits, and find inspiration. The future of skateboarding in Wolverhampton looks brighter than ever thanks to Just Ramps' dedication to innovation and community building.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Amy Middlemist for her invaluable assistance in securing the £55,000 Veolia funding for Just Ramps Indoor Skatepark. Your dedication, hard work, and unwavering support have played a crucial role in making this significant achievement possible.

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