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Foam Pit & Resi Ramp

We have facilities than even larger scale parks can't offer including a Foam Pit and a Resin Box. 

Foam Pit Run Up Ramp:

Our run up ramp has multiple access points available, including a larger roll in for even more speed.

Foam Pit:

If your not familiar with a foam pit here's the break down; a ramp into a huge amount of foam, perfect for practising those new tricks and upside down stunts. 

Resin Box:

Our Resin box is your final step before taking a new trick to wood, if your not familiar with a resin box then here's the definition; a resin box otherwise known as a 'resi ramp' consists of a wooden take off however the landing is made of foam layers overlaid with a rubber matt, allowing you to ride away. A resin box is considered to be the next step up from a foam pit.

Resi Spine and Quarter: 

Our resin spine is the same as the resi box, however the only difference is this is for trying tricks over a spine rather than on to a box. This allows riders to try difficult tricks over a ramp which is considerably harder to land stuff over before trying it to wood. Resulting in less injury. The same goes with the resi quarterpipe.