Thank You For A Decade Of Memories

Thank You For A Decade Of Memories - Just Ramps Skatepark

Just Ramps 10 Year Anniversary

August 24th, 2013 marked the inaugural opening of Just Ramps Indoor Skatepark, based in Ettingshall, Wolverhampton. A decade has passed, and our journey has been a resounding success, transforming us into a renowned haven for riders hailing from every corner of the nation.

Initiated by Ian Sole and Sue Calder, Just Ramps was brought to life as a heartfelt tribute to Justin Calder – a cherished son to Sue, good friend of Ian, and father to Zac Calder. The name "Just Ramps" derives from the very name of Justin, encapsulating his essence in our skatepark.

Each year, Ian and Zac dedicate their endeavours to building a skatepark at Glastonbury Festival. This commitment, combined with Zac's extensive familiarity with skateparks due to years of participation, gave rise to the concept of establishing a skatepark. From its inception, Just Ramps has been a closely-knit family venture, with Sue, Ian, Sarah (Zac’s mother), and Zac pooling their individual insights and skills to craft a well loved indoor skatepark.

Since then, the skatepark's progress has been marked by continuous improvement. We've undertaken several rebuilds to cater to diverse skill levels among riders. Notably, we've added a substantial and hugely popular Foam Pit and introduced two distinctive Resin Ramps, exclusive to Just Ramps’ unless you're willing to journey over 65 miles to find their equivalent.

It's incredibly exciting to witness how some of the early pioneers of Just Ramps have gone on to build careers from their passion for riding. Take, for instance, Kaine Mitchell, a renowned BMX rider from the UK, who was among the first to come to Just Ramps, and still to this day comes regularly. Today, he travels the globe, earning a living by showcasing his exceptional skills on the bike. Another remarkable rider is Thomas Ashfield, who has just returned from the world scooter finals in Madrid. On this very day, 31/08/23, he embarked on a journey to Germany to participate in an exclusive and highly esteemed scooter competition, reserved only for invitees.

In 2020, Zac Calder, Justins son, took the helm of Just Ramps, a passing of the torch that kept the skatepark alive. Zac's commitment and vision further propelled the skatepark's growth, setting the stage for a remarkable transformation. The skatepark's journey was far from over, as it recently achieved a significant milestone - receiving a generous £55,000 grant from Veolia.

This grant proved to be a turning point, enabling Just Ramps to undergo a complete overhaul. The result? A state-of-the-art indoor skatepark that stands as a beacon of excellence within the UK's skatepark community. The skatepark's reputation has transcended local boundaries, becoming a recognised hub for riders from across the country.

Just Ramps shows no sign of deceleration. The upcoming two months are set to witness the establishment of an expansive skate shop, cementing the brand's commitment to serving its loyal customers and enthusiasts of the sport.
Adding to its array of thrilling o
fferings, Just Ramps has recently purchased 14 high quality balance bikes which will be hired out free of charge during our brand new, and engaging "Under 5's Session." This specially tailored session is run every Sunday, from 11:30am to 12:30pm, allowing younger children to partake in the exhilarating facilities within a secure, entertaining, and safe environment.

Recognising the diverse needs of its customers, Just Ramps proudly extends 1-2-1 Private Lessons during non-operational hours. This initiative caters to less seasoned riders or those seeking a confidence boost, providing a unique opportunity for advancement.

Moreover, Just Ramps extends an open invitation to its Skateboard Classes, held every Monday evening between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. These classes not only offer a chance for skill enhancement, but also foster a sense of community among riders just getting started.

Remaining a shining light within both the local community and the broader skatepark scene, Just Ramps consistently elevates standards for exceptional experiences and skill advancement. Most notably, we aim to serve as a platform for forging enduring friendships among riders. Our journey owes its existence to the unwavering backing of customers who have become cherished friends, as well as our remarkable team of dedicated staff and volunteers. (Complete team: Sarah Edwards, Chris Urban, Paul Judd, Imogen Stanley, Sue Calder, Ian Sole & Zac Calder).