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Video Section

On this page you can find video's from social media channels that feature our skatepark and facilities.

Just Ramps Skatepark on BBC Midlands Today:

Just Ramps Re-Fit 2018:

Just Ramps Re-Fit 2017:


 Just Ramps Skatepark Opening Day:

Jack Foley @ Just Ramps Skatepark:

Thrill Seekers Episode 6: 'The Ghetto Bike!' @ Just Ramps Skatepark:

Thrill Seekers Episode 7: 'Game of B.I.K.E!' @ Just Ramps Skatepark:

Gregg's Birthday Session @ Just Ramps Skatepark: 

TRC Media: Session @ Just Ramps Skatepark:

Private party hosted at Just Ramps:



If you have a video filmed at our Skatepark and would like it to be featured on this page please contact us with further information.