Thomas Ashfield: From Just Ramps to the Junior World Scooter Finals

Thomas Ashfield: From Just Ramps to the Junior World Scooter Finals - Just Ramps Skatepark


Excitement is in the air at Just Ramps Indoor Skatepark as our very own Thomas Ashfield has been invited to compete in the prestigious Junior World Scooter Finals in Madrid. With a dedicated passion for scootering and six years of training at Just Ramps, Thomas has made remarkable progress and secured a spot in this global competition. To support his dream and help cover the costs of his journey, Just Ramps is organising a fundraising event on the 10th of June, from 7pm to 10pm. Every penny raised during this event will go towards ensuring Thomas can represent our skatepark and community in Madrid.


Thomas Ashfield's Journey:

Thomas Ashfield, a familiar face at Just Ramps, has been an integral part of our skatepark family for over six years. From his early days of scootering to becoming an accomplished rider, Thomas's commitment and hard work have propelled him to new heights. He has constantly pushed himself to best the best, refine his style, and master complex tricks. His dedication and passion for the sport have not only earned him the admiration of his fellow riders but also caught the attention of the scooter community at large.

The Amateur World Scooter Finals:

Now, Thomas has been presented with a remarkable opportunity to showcase his skills on an international stage. The amateur world scooter finals in Madrid will bring together some of the most talented riders from around the globe. Competing in such a prestigious event is not only a testament to Thomas's talent but also a reflection of the support and guidance he has received from Just Ramps and all the local riders.


Fundraiser Event at Just Ramps:

To aid Thomas in his journey to Madrid, Just Ramps is organising a fundraiser on the 10th of June. The event promises an exciting evening, where the local community can come together to support Tom. From 7pm to 10pm, Just Ramps will host various activities, including Demos, a BBQ, raffles, and much more. All proceeds from the night will go directly towards assisting Thomas with his travel expenses, accommodation, and participation in the amateur world scooter finals.

Supporting Thomas and the Just Ramps Team:

Attending the fundraiser event not only offers an opportunity to contribute to Thomas's success but also showcases the unity and support within our skatepark community. It is a chance to celebrate the talent that has blossomed within our very own facility and to cheer on Thomas as he represents Just Ramps on the global stage.


Thomas Ashfield's invitation to compete in the amateur world scooter finals in Madrid is a testament to his dedication and hard work at Just Ramps Indoor Skatepark. As part of the Just Ramps team, Thomas has become an inspiration to other riders and a symbol of our skatepark's commitment to nurturing talent. Join us on the 10th of June for an unforgettable fundraising event that will not only help Thomas realise his dream but also highlight the collective spirit of our skatepark community. Together, let's show our support for Thomas Ashfield as he embarks on this incredible journey to Madrid.


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