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Under 12s Session

Under 12s Session


Our extremely popular Mini-Session is finally back! After over a year of being unable to do it due to COVID-19, we are finally able to welcome back the extremely popular Under 12s Session.

In this session only, parents are able to accompany their children on the ramps for no extra cost. The Under 12s Session enables children from any age up to 12 to use the ramps, giving them a new hobby to grow into, gain confidence and meet new friends.


If you have never been to our skatepark and wish to use any of our facilities, a disclaimer form must be filled out and signed for us to allow you to use our ramps. 

For quickest entry on arrival you can fill out a form and bring it in. 

Please make sure the form applies to your age.

Over 18's Disclaimer Form

Under 16's Disclaimer Form

Forms can also be completed upon arrival if you do not have a printer. 

Thanks for your time and patience.