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Open Lesson

Open Lesson


This is a lesson when the skatepark is open. This means that others will be riding the ramps at the same time. This type of lesson will cost £15 per hourThis can be up to 2 people. We have highly skilled instructors in skateboarding, BMXING & scootering. 

Open Lessons are perfect for people just starting out who might not know whether riding is for them. They are aimed to provide people with the confidence needed to get going on the ramps. 

An open lesson is tailored around the rider. If the rider is more advanced and wants to nail something they've been trying for ages, we will ensure we have somebody teaching them who can get them to this stage. 

Once this has been purchased, we will be in touch with you to find out a day which suites you best. 

If you have never been to our skatepark and wish to use any of our facilities, a disclaimer form must be filled out and signed for us to allow you to use our ramps. 

For quickest entry on arrival you can fill out a form and bring it in. 

Please make sure the form applies to your age.

Over 18's Disclaimer Form

Under 16's Disclaimer Form

Forms can also be completed upon arrival if you do not have a printer. 

Thanks for your time and patience.