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Donation Page


With our skatepark being over 7,500 square foot, we have some pretty hefty overheads... COVID-19 has been an absolute nightmare for us, we've been closed for 4 months of 2020. We were extremely lucky to get through the first lockdown and this was because of the Government grant which we received.

Even though we got the government grant, we have still had a significant loss of earnings this year, which means we are unable to update certain aspects of the park which we would usually do. 

Come the lockdown in November, we haven't received a government grant. We will be chipping into our personal savings to pay the overheads for this month unless we secure another government grant. Now we don't mind doing this as we have been established for 7 years and we're not going to let COVID beat us... 

We are not begging anyone for a donation and quite honestly we completely understand if you're not in a position to donate to us, but we would really appreciate a little help, even sharing this would be a big help. 

Thanks a lot for taking your time to read this. We hope to see you visit our skatepark soon.


Thanks a lot,

All the JR team 

If you have never been to our skatepark and wish to use any of our facilities, a disclaimer form must be filled out and signed for us to allow you to use our ramps. 

For quickest entry on arrival you can fill out a form and bring it in. 

Please make sure the form applies to your age.

Over 18's Disclaimer Form

Under 16's Disclaimer Form

Forms can also be completed upon arrival if you do not have a printer. 

Thanks for your time and patience.