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Blazer Pro Raider Complete Stunt Scooter - Black & Silver

£159.95 £169.95

New for 2020 comes the Blazer Pro Raider Stunt Scooter!

Years in the making, designed and tested by the in-house Blazer Pro engineers, this scooter was inspired and influenced with the Blazer Pro team, ready to take on the streets. Featuring an incredible boxed deck with integrated grind rails, 120mm wheels, and a super strong Chromoly Steel bar, you can't go wrong with this scooter.


  • Total Scooter Height: 33.5" / 850mm
  • Deck Length: 21.26" / 540mm
  • Deck Width: 5.1" / 130mm
  • Deck Material: Aluminium
  • Bar Height: 25.6" / 640mm
  • Bar Width: 22.83" / 580mm
  • Bar Material: Chromoly Steel
  • Compression: HIC
  • Wheel Size: 120mm
  • Weight: 4.29KG

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