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Addict Revenger 6.1 Complete Pro Stunt Scooter - WHITE / BLACK

£239.95 £250.00

The Addict Revenger 6.1 Complete Pro Stunt Scooter is built for those serious street shredders. The 6.1 is the latest in the series of their popular Revenger Scooters. Built with T-Bars and a squared off deck......this is a true street scooter through and through. It's big too at 96cm in total it's built truly of the bigger rider.

Addict has been making strides in innovation with their new range of parts and complete scooters. The Revenger Complete is the first scooter to come with 30mm wide Radix wheels! This complete also has the widest deck of any complete scooter on the market at a massive 5.75”!

Key Features:

  • Total Scooter Height: 960mm
  • Suggested Ages: 14+ Years
  • Bars Spins 360 Degrees for Tricks
  • Total Scooter Weight: 4.5kgs
  • Scooter Type: Fixed 1 piece Stunt Scooter that's not foldable, with fixed handlebar size (can but cut down after purchase)
  • Scooter come pre-dialled, 95% built, all that's needed to do is put the bars on, tighten then clamp then you're off!


  • Deck Length: 590 mm / 23.22" (Rear Wheel 30 mm & 24 mm wheel Compatible)
  • Deck Width: 146 mm / 5.75" 
  • Bar Height: 720mm / 28.3"
  • Bar Width: 640mm / 25.1"
  • Neck: Cold Forged & CNC Machined.
  • Head tube Angle: 83.5 degrees.
  • Fork: Switchblade Lite, Cold Forged, CNC Machined HIC, 30 mm & 24 mm wheel compatible
  • Compression: HIC
  • Clamp: Guardian Lite Double Bolt CNC Machined with 8mm hardware. 
  • Headset: 1-1/8 Integrated. 
  • Addict OG grips - 180 mm TPR
  • Wheels Chopsticks by Eagle Supply RADIX 115mm x 30mm
  • Bearings: Eagle Supply 608 2RS
  • Flex Brake 
  • Deck and Fork Can Adapt to fit 24 mm wide Wheels, comes with 30 mm wide wheels as standard.

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