From popular demand, we are doing another Mini All-Nighter. Throughout the Mini All-Nighters, we run competitions, do giveaways and have pro's doing demos. 

Cost: £7.00. OR... Pay £5.00 now, then £2.00 on the door. (Deposit is not refundable) 
Time8:00pm - 12:00am
Date: Not yet known due to Coronavirus. As soon as we reopen, we will inform you of the date. The date will be as soon as possible. 
Sponsorship SchemeThis is a great way of raising funds for Just Ramps, whilst also being in for a chance of winning a 'Weekend Pass' worth £18 if your child raises the most money. Keep a tally of who sponsors your child to do the mini all-nighter, then bring the sponsorship money in on the day of the mini all-nighter and we'll reimburse you with the money that you paid for entry (If you raise over £10).

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