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Aaron Fisher

Posted by Ian Sole on
Aaron Fisher, Just Ramps team rider from Stourbridge, United Kingdom.

My name is Aaron Fisher. I started riding around 5 years ago riding flat and off curbs and then a year later started going to my local outdoor behind my nans house. Soon after that I started riding various other parks.

I went into making an Instagram account and noticed my Instagram started to gain followers so I put time and effort into progressing to the best abilities possible and filming clips to post.

Unfortunately, my local indoor closed for good and I had no where else to progress but then I started going just ramps a few years back and I can’t explain how welcoming they were. After some time I got on well with all the staff and made new mates that I still ride with to this day, and then I managed to become a rider for them in a competition they hosted at the park. I was so happy to be on the team for such an amazing park and staff. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me and my fellow teammates.

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